What’s So Vinty About Us?

Welcome to our throw back life!

Well, we are probably about 80% throw back, 20% modern. Meaning we don’t have an outhouse in the backyard and we don’t ride horses everyday like the wild wild west (though that would be pretty sweet). We actually live in a fairly metropolitan city with all the modern bells and whistles… and lovely pollution. So, what makes us vintage? We consider ourselves vintage because we like to do things the old fashioned way. Some of you might call us very crunchy, but we prefer the term “vinty.” :0)

When families played together, ate together, prayed together, and stayed together…

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 7.26.53 AMRemember how things were back in the day? Before children were born in hospitals and before public schools were in every part of town? When children rode bicycles instead of played with smart devices? When families played together, ate together, prayed together, and stayed together? Ohhh what a life it must have been. Too bad I hardly remember it.


We’re 80’s babies, so… I remember when the Nintendo gaming system was the new BIG DEAL in our home. We played it all day everyday, til’ we did something to get grounded. (Tantrum time!) Daddy and Mama didn’t see it coming, but the Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft X-Box helped turn my little brothers into video game addicts. I played here and there, but I was way more into playing music and sports. Both kept me super busy at home and in school that I, thankfully, didn’t have time to get addicted. Kids addicted to video gamesMeanwhile, my younger brothers would get home from school and run straight to turn on the game. They would play after school, then all day Saturday and Sunday, and when summertime came… you guessed it. They didn’t sleep much. The upside? They are so stinking smart in tech and the digi world, they could’ve invented Facebook or even Tesla.


Fast forward into my 20’s, I knew that if I ever had children one day that I would do everything in my power to protect them from gaming systems. Of course, I didn’t know the industry would roll out these SUPER addictive smart devices like tablets, iPhones, iPads, and many other kinds of cool gadgets. It’s not just children who are stuck to the screens these days. 

It’s everyone – young and old – glued to these idols. I call them idols because we stare at them for hours, talk to them daily, would have a massive breakdown without them, and spend far more time with our electronics than we do our families and even God. So, in our home we play ZERO video games and we don’t allow our children to use any smart devices… yet. Truly, I dread the day when they start to ask for it.

What Makes Us Old Fashioned:

  • We don’t have cable
  • We don’t watch Television
  • We don’t listen to AM/FM radio or satellite radio
  • We don’t play video games
  • We don’t go to the movies
  • We don’t vaccinate
  • We don’t use medication (no prescription or over-the-counter)
  • We don’t use birth control
  • We have no family doctor
  • We use naturopathy doctors and holistic dentistry
  • We eat dinner together as a family every night
  • We homebirth (unassisted!)
  • We exclusively breastfeed & encourage baby-led weaning
  • We cloth diaper (working on EC potty training now)
  • We baby wear
  • We co-sleep
  • We homeschool & use our own curriculum
  • We filter all of our tap water for cooking and drinking
  • We eat mostly organic & support our local farmers
  • We make our own non-toxic hygiene products (not all, but some)
  • Transitioning from disposable to non-toxic menstrual pads
  • Did we miss anything?

If you can get jiggy with our quirky out-of-the-box “vinty” lifestyle, please stick around! We’ll be sharing all of the details on how we do all the above.


Are you still here? Awesome!!! See you again soon!




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