Why the Library Is Your BFF

You know me. I’m old fashioned. We practically grew up in the local library. My mom took us to the library every week and we absolutely love, love, loved it! My brothers and I would play until the librarian would make that dreadful announcement:

“Attention readers, the library will be closing in…”

Nooooooo, we want to stay the night mom! So many books. So many activities. So many toys to play with. And different kids to play with almost every time we’d visit the library. That was part of the highlight of my life as a kid. The library! If you have not been dragging yourself and your little ones to your local library, now is the time.

My One Year-Old Loves The Library

My 16 month old son enjoying the children's library
My 1 year old son playing at our local library

Now that I have a pre-toddler (is that even a word?) I take him to the library every week and when it’s time to go, he DOES NOT want to leave. Though he hasn’t learned to say “I don’t want to leave yet,” his fussy facial expressions and reaching for the toys as we leave lets me know he loves the library. He’s only 18 months, but there’s enough exciting things going on to keep him interested. Every Wednesday they host a Toddler Time where they read fun books and sing songs to the children. Sometimes they will have free snacks and juice. They also give the kids take-home prizes. Then there’s the playground outside where they do arts and crafts with the kids. It’s so much awesomeness to get involved in besides just checking out books. But please do check out books!


Benefits For You:

  1. It’s free
  2. Uhm, It’s FREE people! You don’t have to spend a dime, just gas
  3. Free wifi
  4. Tons of books & audiobooks for you
  5. Join book clubs
  6. Learn a foreign language – for FREE
  7. Meet other cool parents like yourself

Benefits For The Kiddos:

  1. It’s FREEEEEE!
  2. Be loud
  3. Have fun
  4. Run around and expend all your energy (especially if there’s a playground)
  5. Meet other playmates
  6. Perfect quiet place to do homework
  7. Find new exciting books!

Mom Reads library

Even your bored teen can find something exciting to do at the library. But we know how teenagers are, so if all else fails they can hang out in the computer lab while you and the little ones have fun.



If you still need more reasons to go to the library, check out this amazing blog: https://verilymag.com/2015/10/reading-books-library-card-libraries-saving-money


Happy reading folks!


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