7 Reasons My Family Will Not Vaccinate

Given our name – Vintage Healthy Living – it’s no surprise that’s we are all about natural health. With that being said, here’s 7 Reasons my family and I are not vaccinating.

I was going to write it out, but I figured there’s so much good info in videos these days that I will share videos of medical professionals and politicians that I’ve watched who have light to shed on this topic.


Here’s My Top 7 Reasons My Family Will Not Vaccinate:

# 1 – Vaccines Are Filled With Harmful Ingredients


#2 Vaccines Do More Damage Than Good (for example they have been linked to autism, SIDS, ADHD, cancer, multiple sclerosis, seizures, AIDS, and more)


#3 – Vaccines Cause Autism 200% More In Black/African American Boys… and my son also happens to be black, so I won’t ever vaccinate him.


#4 – Vaccines Do Not Inject Us With Good Health, Nor Do They Prevent Deadly Illness


#5 – VAERS paid $Billion$ of dollars to vaccine injured families, but vaccine manufacturers are NOT held liable for damaging anyone. In good conscience, I cannot be part of something that seems so beneficial, yet is so sinister.


#6 – Big Pharma (such as Merck), the FDA, the CDC, and VAERS are on the same team – and it’s not #TEAMFAMILY or #TEAMAMERICA… it’s #TEAM$$$$$


#7 – Our family is vaccine free, and we haven’t gotten sick (just common colds). Tell me again why I NEED to vaccinate my family? Oh, and we eat healthy organic foods, drink water daily, get sunshine, stay active, have fun, and put God first. Tell me again why we NEED vaccines to thrive? I’ll wait…


I hope and pray this helps someone!

Till next time….


VHL Family


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