The Importance of Infant Swim Lessons

In early 2018, when my son David (our only child) was just 10 months old, my husband tagged me in a Facebook post of a flyer with babies swimming.

Baby Swim LessonsI thought it was the cutest little thing so I contacted the instructor and asked her how do I sign up our son. Although my baby was barely walking, I knew that we needed to get him in these classes so he wouldn’t be like me and his daddy – afraid of the water. (Nope, we can’t swim.)


The instructor contacted me back and we signed up right away. About 2 weeks after that my little guy was in his first swimming lessons at only 11 months old.

At first I was terrified… at the thought of my son being terrified. Lol don’t laugh at me. Each swim lesson is only 10 minutes long, but it seemed like forever to me – and probably to my son too.


Since starting our son David began his swim lessons in early 2018, we have been in a kiddie swimming pool a few times over the summer and we had zero incidents. He slipped in the water a few times because he wanted to stand up while playing with his favorite playmate little Miss Madison, but he didn’t hurt himself. He had this look on his face like what just happened, but he wasn’t at risk of drowning in half-a-foot of water.


Here’s my son learning to float and swim…


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