About Us


By vintage we mean – mature, classic, retro, old-fashioned, ole skool – you get the point. We’re a down-home family who enjoy doing things a bit simpler. (And I actually wrote a whole entire blog about it here.)

In today’s society, “simple” probably looks quite boring and outdated. But that’s okay with us. We’re not hippies – at all. As a matter of fact, we were born after the hippie era, in the 1980’s so we’ve heard stories from our parents about the hippie life (quite interesting, I might add).

Some of our “old-fashionedness” consists of things like eating (mostly) home cooked meals every day, thrift store shopping, homeschooling, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, gardening, making homemade cleaning supplies, homemade remedies, no over-the-counter drugs, no prescription medication, no cable TV, and no going into debt for holiday shopping, among other things.


We are mostly organic, gluten-free, dairy free, soy-free, but we are not vegetarians. We choose to eat clean, lean meats and we enjoy fish also. We are BIG proponents of fitness, healthy eating and overall wellness. We are (surprise!) also against conventional medicine, prescription drugs, vaccines, illegal drugs, and anything that inhibits natural body function.


We are Christian. We believe in God. We believe His word. We believe that the REAL vintage healthy LIVING is found only in Jesus Christ. All the other stuff is secondary.

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